Magic YouTube Xtractor Full Version

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

It’s available at :

A perfect Tool to Help you with Keywords

Here is detailed image by image procedure to find keywords:

Step One: Get General Keywords

Open Magic YouTube Xtractor:

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

Then add your keywords.

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

Magic YTX collects all the keywords and phrases for you automatically.

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

And note the following:

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

Step Two: we get the Competition in YouTube

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

Then you can see your keywords and competition:

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

Step Three: Export to Excel

Once you have the data, your next step is to prioritize your keywords.

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

A dialogue box opens. Name your file and save it somewhere you can find it later. Then Excel starts up. You can also save it as a Comma-Delineated text file.

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

This is how you set up your ‘Sort’.

Sort first by YouTube Competition (Smallest to Largest), then by Monthly Searches (Largest to Smallest).

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review

This will show your best keywords first.

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Anti Aging Beauty Secrets - Three Secrets of Anti Aging

Anti Aging Beauty Secrets - Three Secrets of Anti Aging

If you are a woman worried about aging, then you will be concerned about reversing the aging process. You can not just stop aging but even reverse aging. You will be surprised at looking younger and making other people wonder how you achieved this miracle. Here are three tips that will help you look younger and energetic.

1) Take care of Inflammation Problems

Many factors contribute to the aging process. But of all these factors, inflammation is found to be quite severe. Inflammation of your body affects you in many ways. Apart from speeding up your aging process, it also creates other problems like accumulation of fat and gaining weight. Inflammation inhibits your body's system of burning fat. Inflammation is also known to trigger several health problems like heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, diabetes cancer etc. Therefore when you take care of your inflammation problem, you will not only be reversing the aging process but will also be improving your health.

2) Don't allow your muscle strength to decline

The strength of your muscles is an important factor in keeping you healthy. When you begin to lose your muscle strength, you start aging. How do you lose muscle? When you accumulate fat, you begin to lose muscle. You are led to believe that as you age, your metabolism slows down and you are prone to accumulate fat. This need not be true. You can improve your metabolism by adopting an appropriate system of diet and workout regime. All it takes is a little adjustment in your diet and a commitment to exercise regularly. When you begin to do this, you will find how easy it is to keep fat away and increase your muscle strength. And you will be slowing down, if not stopping the aging process.

3) Give up your sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle may be contributing more to your aging than any other factor. It is in your power to say no to a sedentary life style and keep yourself active. Take care to minimize the time you spend sitting in a chair or lying down on a couch. Even if you don't move out of your house, make it a point to move your body sufficiently. Simple adjustments like getting up from your seat periodically while watching the TV and walking a few steps can be highly effective. Whenever you find that you are idling, think of the things you can do. As you know, an idle mind also contributes to a sedentary lifestyle. So, the key is to find ways to keep both your mind and body active.

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Anti Aging Beauty Secrets By Lleaon

Anti-aging Beauty Secrets By Lleaon- Diy Anti-aging Skin Care Recipes – anti-aging e-book, Best Anti Aging

When I first heard about Leon’s Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets, I was interested to say the very least. I am all for herbal treatments, but I also believe that aging is a fact of life and the idea that we can make anti-aging skin care products at home was ludicrous in my eyes. However, I noticed that there are a lot of positive reviews all over the internet, and they all seem pretty genuine, so I started to get somewhat more interesting. Looking into the program in a bit more detail, I noticed the full money back guarantee, meaning I had nothing to lose by at least giving it a try. Needless to say, I was convinced at that point! I felt it was my duty to give you my own review of the product, including the pointers that I found to be lacking in the various other ones that are available online.

It’s available at :

What Is Leon’s Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets?

Essentially, Leon’s Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets is an eBook that teaches you all the natural ways of slowing down the process of aging. It provides you with easy to follow recipes to make all the products you need yourself, which are based on Ayurveda recipes, as well as new discoveries. This means that there is no more need to purchase expensive lotions and potions that don’t even work. The program will teach you all about secrets that you never would have thought to be possible. It includes things such as secret fruits that will leave you wrinkle free in just a week, or secret herbs that function better than Botox and more. Best of all, the fruits, vegetables, herbs and other ingredients you will need are all readily accessible from your local grocery store. One of the added benefits of the program is that it doesn’t just look at anti-aging formulas, but also at holistic health for your skin and body. This means that many people have also reported they are losing weight since starting it.

What the Program Includes

At present, the program is made up of nine chapters, but many more are included regularly. You will have access to all new chapters when you sign up to the program. The current chapters are:

1 - The anti-aging mantra that will prepare your mind to look younger.
2 - The anti-aging diet, which will help you lose weight as well as look younger.
3 - Global anti-aging secrets, based on ancient knowledge including Ayurveda.
4 - Ayurveda secrets in particular.
5 - Cleansers with anti-aging properties.
6 - Exfoliators with anti-aging properties.
7 - Toners with anti-aging properties.
8 - Facial masks with anti-aging properties.
9 - Facial serums with anti-aging properties.

Three new chapters have recently been released that you will immediately receive when you sign up as well. These are:

- Hair spa recipes with anti-aging properties, which includes recipes to stop your hair from aging, recipes to help your hair grow and secrets to prevent your hair from going grey).
- Body spa recipes with anti-aging properties, including wonderful massage oils for the body, body butter, scrubs and wraps and gorgeous bath soak recipes.
- Homeopathy for skin that is aging, focusing on wrinkles, cellulite dark circles and stretch marks.

The Theory behind Leon’s Program

Women are beautiful creatures inside and out. However, sometimes they need a little bit of a push to enable them to bring out that natural beauty. Leon’s book gives that push, empowering women all over the world to look their best without having to spend their life savings on beauty products or surgery. In fact, the recipes described in the eBook take just one week to take effect.

All women are able to enjoy this product, whether they want to have skin free of wrinkles, or whether they simply want to enjoy more healthy living. This is achieved through mantras that are designed to change your overall outlook on life, as well as the huge variety of recipes to make your skin radiant again. As such, it offers a holistic approach that looks at both the body and the mind.

Leon also understands that women lead incredibly busy lifestyles and have too many responsibilities. This is why she has endeavored to create recipes that are very easy to follow and don’t take too long to create. Furthermore, the recipes use ingredients that you are able to pick up from any grocery store at a very affordable price.

What I Liked

1 - The program includes great video tutorials that are easy to understand and very clear in their explanations.
2 - It comes with four really useful bonuses.
3 - The program is very affordable and fully accessible online.
4 - It comes with round the clock email support with the author herself.
5 - The language is very easy to understand and completely free from jargon.
6 - It comes with an 8 week 100% money back guarantee, so you can try it risk free.
7 - You will have access to all updates, which are always very interesting to follow.
8 - Considering the cosmetic industry is a billion dollar industry, you can guess that cosmetic companies have not been overly pleased with Leon’s program, as the more women who sign up for this, the less women will buy the products that are forced upon us through the media.

What I Didn’t Like

- You have to have an internet connection in order to access the program. However, since you will be creating the recipes as you go along, you could just have it running next to you in the kitchen.
- It is only available as an eBook, which can be a problem for those people who like to have paper in their hands, or who like to make sideline notes. The Verdict


Leon believes that Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to be healthy and youthful. She believes we should all go back to using these types of remedies, rather than becoming dependent on the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Through her recipes, you can achieve beautiful glowing skin, that looks and feels more youthful. Furthermore, it helps you to achieve overall health. I fully recommend this product and am looking forward to the next update!

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9 Best Methods Of Self Defense

9 Best Methods Of Self Defense

To better protect yourself from dangerous people, you need to forget these 9 Best Methods

Your biggest problem as a woman is not that you may be smaller or weaker than a typical sociopathic criminal. Your biggest obstacle is that you assume a set of potentially life-threatening beliefs about what to do in dangerous situations.

1 - You should reason with your attacker.

You've probably never pulled out a knife and demanded someone's watch. That's a good thing, of course, but it illustrates a vital point: Someone who would do such a thing doesn't think like you. Deep down, you probably believe there's a way to resolve a problem without anyone getting hurt. Attackers aren't playing by the same societal rules you are, so you can't react as if they are. All you can ever really do is level the playing field.

2 - If you're attacked, scream for help.

You don't have time to wait for a hero. During a truly violent encounter, you have about five seconds to act, and the safest self-defense technique to take in a violent encounter is to cause an injury. Mistakes usually come from some hesitation: pausing to see how things are going, lacking the will to really kick a man, or jumping around in a fighting stance. These are opportunities for him to recover and hurt you. The reverse is also true—if your attacker hesitates or makes a mistake, it gives you a critical moment that you must use to survive.

3 - You need to cause pain.

In order to be 100 percent effective, we have to discard the notion of pain as a useful tool in violence. You don't want to "hurt" him; you need to injure him. Anything you do in a violent, life-threatening situation that does not cause an injury is worthless to you.

4 - Being fit can save your life.

No matter how fit or strong you are, the best way to hone your self-protection skills is to focus on targeting key points of the body. After that, improving your fitness level can increase the force you deliver to the targets.

5 - You need technical self-defense skills.

Technique without injury is only a cool trick, and injury, regardless of how it occurred (with technique or by accident), will always be more effective. It's not important how the injury happens, only that it happens. His ribs don't know if they were broken by a boot, a stick, or a curb; they just know they're broken. All you need is force and a target.

6 - Women who survive are fearless.

The first effect in any violent situation is emotion, and the most common one is fear. When a man steps in front of you holding a knife, your adrenaline starts pumping and your heart beats faster. These are reactions that can't be avoided—nor should they be. It's the fight-or-flight survival instinct that allows you to focus on beating your enemy or getting the hell out of there.

Many people fear they will freeze up or act irrationally. When you know how to respond, you'll still feel a certain amount of fear that you could be hurt, or that you're about to cause harm to another human being, but that will be tempered with confidence.

7 - Focus on blocking his attacks.

Many self-Defense classes teach you to react to an attacker's actions. This defensive thinking can make you hesitate ("What is he going to do to me?"), lose focus (waiting to get hurt makes most people freeze), and ultimately be one step behind the attacker. In a threatening situation, don't worry about what he's doing; make him worry about what you're doing.

8 - Try to back away from your attacker.

In life-threatening conflict, if you're not injuring someone, you're getting injured. Backing up or attempting to counter his "technique" with another technique (as is typically taught in self-defense classes) only gets you in more trouble: Your body is a lot better at going forward than it is at going backward; for every two feet you move backward, he can move forward three feet.

9 - Hit as often and as quickly as possible.

Punching and kicking are akin to slapping an attacker around. If you're in danger, you need to throw all your weight into a single target, or "strike." Imagine you're facing a giant predator and you have a big sack full of rocks. Throw a single rock and "ouch!" is the only reaction you're likely to get. But swing the entire sack at him, hitting him in the head, and he'll be out cold. That's the difference between punching and striking.

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Learn French Fast - 10 Ways to Succeed

Learn French Fast - 10 Ways to Succeed

There are a number of reasons why anyone would like to learn French fast: whether it is to get a new job or promotion, when planning to move to a French speaking country or for the purpose of a holiday in France, there is always a good reason. Although it is never easy to learn a foreign language, the process can be made easier with the following 10 ways to learn French fast.

One proven way to learn French fast is to stay in a French-speaking country for a significant period of time, preferably a minimum of one month, and conversing with the natives in their own language: when you have no other choice but to speak French, it is almost impossible not to learn the language.

For those who cannot afford to travel or take time off work, there is always the option of watching French movies in their original version or listening to French music: look for CDs that have lyrics booklets and listen to the words while reading them: this is a good way to ensure that you learn the right pronunciation while also learning new vocabulary.

Listening to French language radio stations is an effective method of getting the right pronunciation and intonation for French phrases and therefore can improve your language skills tremendously. The more you hear people speaking a certain language, the easier it is to speak it.

Another way to learn French fast is to read French books. If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to start with books written for children that use simple grammar and vocabulary, then move on to magazines and newspapers when you feel more comfortable with the language. Read those along with a French dictionary; it is a good idea to also have a notebook in which you can write the new words you have come across as well as their English translation, then spend a little time going over these words so that they get engraved in your memory.

Thanks to the Internet, there are also a lot of free ways to learn French fast, such as joining online forums and online French communities: you may not get the added benefit of hearing conversations but communicating with French native speakers online can do wonders for improving written communication skills.

Pen palling with a French person is a method that many schools have used for years. You could write a newspaper advertisement or find someone willing to exchange letters or emails through an online forum. As well as making a new friend, your French skills will benefit from this.

Watching French videos online is another great way to improve your French. Websites that let users all over the world upload their own videos as well as French news websites that have video content all have the potential to help you learn French fast.

Doing French word games such as word searches and crosswords is an additional method of learning a little French. If you buy French newspapers do not overlook the games page; otherwise, you can search online for French word games that you can print and complete in your spare time.

Speaking the language is an obvious way to learn French fast that many may overlook: look at the objects around your home or place of work and try and think of ways to describe them in French, speak French to your goldfish, the more you practice speaking the language, the easier it will come to you.

Consider investing in a French language course. Whether you are a beginner or you would like to take a refresher course, you will improve your chances to learn French fast by using a reliable method that has been designed specifically to help people like you to learn the French language.

Even though the most effective method to learn French fast is to complete a French language course, all of the other methods can be used in conjunction with a French course to speed up the learning process. Practice makes perfect and the more methods you can combine, the greater your chances will be to learn French fast.

The author is a French writer with a passion for foreign languages. Her blog, Learn French Simple, is dedicated to teaching French to English speakers. For more information on easy ways to learn French,

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French For Begginers - Rocket French

French For Begginers - Rocket French

Not only in European Union but also all over the world French is among the widespread spoken languages. The language is spoken over five continents. Apart from that around 29 countries have made it their official language.

Rocket French is a language learning system that makes it possible for you to learn the world’s second most spoken language. Here’s a review of Rocket French, the ultimate language learning system.

It’s available at :

What is Rocket French?

Rocket French is a proven language learning system. This learning system gives you a unique way to learn French. The system is for people of any ages. With this system, you can learn the language like your mother tongue.

Even if you have tried to learn the language several time and you have failed, still you can start learning the language afresh with this system. It doesn’t need much of your time to learn this language.

You just need few minutes a day to learn the language properly. You are never too old to learn the language with this unique language learning system. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to learn this language with the proven system.

Who is the creator?

Rocket French is the learning system launched by PCMag. The learning system was launched by the organization in 2004. Jason Oxenham is the CEO of the language learning system. He is also the co-founder of the organization.

The learning program is available in 196 countries around the world. Being a reliable learning system, this system has won various awards. The language learning system has also won the best software system award.

The language learning system is the editor’s choice from the PCMag. For the first time in history the program has launched a language learning system that became effective. The program has benefitted a lot of people around the world.

What is included in the learning system?

The learning system includes three things in total. It blends three learning theories that are scientifically proven. Theories have great relevance when it comes to learning.

Various philosophers in the past have postulated theories that work in a positive way for learning new languages. Apart from that the learning system combines 7 strategies that help you learn and master the language.

Strategies play an important role in any work. When it comes to learning French, they come pretty handy. The program uniquely blends all the strategies.

With the advent of internet, everybody relies on e-learning system. The program includes e-learning system. It makes the system easier to follow for others. This is why this course is adapted all across the world.

How does the learning system work?

The system starts working with making you understand French. As you learn the language, you start to speak French with the perfect accent. You will find the process quite amazing. This system doesn’t take much of your time.

Three Theories

Three theories that paved the way for making Rocket French the best language learning system are the chunking process by Dr. George A. Miller, the theory of second language acquisition by Dr. Stephen Krashen, and the VARK model by Neil Fleming.

Seven strategies

The first strategy tells you to make the best use of your time. By using this strategy you can learn the language whenever you are moving. The second strategy tells you how the language works while you learn it.

The third strategy tells you to keep in your mind forever what you learn through the processes. By utilizing the fourth strategy, you can speak the language like the natives. In the fifth strategy you can learn how to learn the language effectively.

In the sixth strategy you are made surrounded by people from French community including teachers, students and others. Motivation is the essential phase of learning.

It not only keeps the flame of learning enthusiasm burning in you but also it makes the processes easy for you.

Who is the ideal candidate for the learning system?

The program takes you from basic level to advanced level gradually. You don’t need to have any link with the language for learning the language. The level one is for the beginners.

You learn speaking good French at the end of first level. In the second level, both first and second levels are combined. You become a very good speaker of French after the completion of the phase.

In the third phase all the three phases are combined. This is the advanced level which is for the advanced level of learners.


• The program helps you learn the language faster. The chunking theory divides the program in to several parts. This makes the learning process faster and easier.
• The program is amazing for people as it involves a lot of audio and video lessons.
• Various strategies and theories help you acquire the French accent. You avoid the fear of speaking French.
• This program can be accessed all across the world. The e-learning system provides endless possibilities for people. You can subscribe the course anywhere. You can learn it from online portal.
• You can try this course for free. The trial course is available for six days. If the learning system is beneficial for you, you can try this with payment of mentioned amount.


• This program may not be motivating for people as there is no involvement of real teachers in the program. You will be learning the whole program through online videos and lectures.
• You have to correct your own mistakes. Since no real teachers are involved in the process, you need to correct your mistakes with your help.

Does the learning system work?

Number of audio lessons in the program varies from 33 to 99. Language and cultural lessons in the program varies from 53 to 112.

The program varies from 172 hours to 422 hours. The program offers money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.


Rocket French learning system can be accessed through PC and mobile phones. You can use the app developed by the program to access the program easily. The learning system makes use of a secure payment gateway through which you can make payments for the course. The learning system provides support for the users of this system.

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Build Bed Woodworking Plans

Build Bed Woodworking

The cost of beds has been on the rise with homeowners spending hundreds of dollars to own a queen sized bed. This has led to most people turning into do it yourself specialists to make their own bed at a lower cost. For those with the creativity and enough time to make their own stylish bed from nothing, then you're at the right place. We are going to take you through all the necessary steps you need to make your own bed from the comfort of your home.

Putting all the necessary tools in place will be the first step in making your own queen sized bed. Two saws will be required for this project; a jig saw and regular saw. The jig saw will be used to create round shapes within the wood. A measuring nail and a trusty nail gun are among the basic tools before starting the project. A queen sized bed is ideal for any person who needs a good sleep at the night. The bed measures approximately 8 feet long and 4 feet wide making big enough for a comfortable sleep. Other materials needed include finishing nails, wood glue, filler material, spackle for filling cracks and a sand paper for making the wood smooth. For added strength for your bed, it is advisable that you use medium density fiber board sheets.

To start making your bed, cut a 48 inch headboard. The MDF sheets should be used for your headboard. The sides of the headboard will require some paneling. Using your jig saw, you can cut smooth arcs that will be used for side paneling. The three components; the headboard, footboard and side paneling should be joined together with the wood glue before screwing them.

After finishing with the headboard region, the lower trim of the bed should then be accurately measured. Put in mind the size of a queen bed when taking your measurements. The lower side should also measure exactly 8 inches long. When finished, attach it to the headboard and side paneling.

The next step is the measurement of the sturdy slats for your bed. A queen size bed measuring 8 feet will require exactly 12 slats. Measure them correctly and ensure they are equally spaced. Next, attach them to the lower trims with screws securely before the wood glue and filler material. Ensure the screws are long enough to hold the sturdy slats in position. If not, it is advisable that you change them so that you have a strong and durable bed.

Your wooden sturdy slats should be strong since they are the ones that carry the whole weight of a person. Cracked wooden slats should be replaced with new ones. A rigid lower trim will be responsible of supporting the slats. The slats will then support the footboard and headboard. This shows that all parts are connected to one another and if wrong measurements are taken, the entire bed can easily fall apart.

Making a queen sized bed can appear difficult at first but everything will be easy once you learn how to attach the pieces. When done with your queen bed, you can make decorations as you wish to make your bed attractive. Adding moldings will make your bed look beautiful just like the expensive ones sold in stores.

Rich Phelps has been crafting wooden furniture and other items from scratch for more than a decade now. In that time, he's gained a huge amount of knowledge about creating the best woodworking plans.

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Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses

Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses

If you looked at yourself in the mirror tonight, can you honestly say that you’re prepared for for a brutal, home invasion? You’re confident that if evil comes knocking on your door, you’ll instantly spring into action with a defense-plan that you’ve rehearsed. Practiced and trained for? Legally Concealed EJ Owens instructing Modern Warrior students at the live, 3-day, gunfighting bootcamp, inside the SWAT Team training facility. This Three D’s of Home Defense program: Detect, Disrupt, Defeat The 3-D’s of Home Defense is what this training is all about.

It’s available at :

Who Is The Author?

EJ Owens spent 14 years in the military, He keep everything simple, and easy-to-understand. EJ Owens avoid confusing terminology you sometimes hear from “weapons experts”. And He eliminate any “military-speak” you may not be familiar with.You will need to continue your learning with in-person training from professional instructors you can trust.

What Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses Benefits?

• Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses You’ll can dramatically decrease your chances of becoming a victim.
• If you do find yourself staring evil in the face, you CAN survive, because you’ll be prepared!
• This training in no-way is a substitute for the range.
• You will have take what you learn and practice.
• EJ Owens give you checklists and drills that you can do at home with an unloaded weapon and practice at the range with live rounds.
• This training program teach you how to respond in a medical emergency, talk to paramedics and prepare your own emergency kit
• This is the ultimate, no B.S., home defense training for regular folks.
• Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses give you the most critical, lifesaving, techniques and tactics so you can defend your home against sick-minded individuals who are willing to destroy you and your family.
• All the video for this course was shot in HD quality by a four-man, professional film crew with over $200,000 of professional video, audio, and lighting equipment.
• The result of all this intense effort is stunning HD quality videos and crystal-clear audio.

What You’ll Learn FromLegally Concealed EJ Owens Courses?

Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses weapon Tactics:

• Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses learn you weapon Tactics
• How to safely move your spouse and children to your saferoom with a known threat inside your home.
• How to take an angle to change the trajectory of a bullet so it doesn’t over penetrate and hit an unintended target, like a child.
• How to safely answer your door when unknown person is present, and what you must train your children to do so to avoid being a victim of a home invasion.
Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses Techniques:

• The most effective firing grip for a semi-auto pistol used by the military and law enforcement for maximum control and accuracy.
• How to store your weapon to so you can access it immediately, while keeping small children safe.
• The four firearm safety rules that you must follow at all times to ensure your safety and the safety of the ones around you.
• If you should verbally warn an intruder that you’re armed.
Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses Weapons:

• Which weapons are the most effective for home-protection and why.
• The myth that women can’t shoot a semi-auto pistol, like a Glock, and why putting a revolver in your her hand could get her killed.
• The pros and cons of different firearms including the semi-auto pistol, the revolver, the 12-gauge vs. 20-gauge shotgun and whole lot more.
• Which type of ammunition you should use for personal protection and why.
• The pros and cons of a weapon-mounted light vs. a tactical light.
Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses Strategies:

• How to make your home uninviting to a criminal so you decrease your chance of becoming a target.
• When you should flee to avoid a confrontation and when you must stand your ground and fight.
• The most critical components for your safe room like a first-aid kit, a charged cell phone, and extra ammo that could save your life.
• How to choose a safe room in your home, when you should use it, and when you should avoid it.
Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses Mindset:

• Why the most powerful weapon you have in a critical incident like a home invasion is your brain.
• What happens psychologically when you’re under duress and what to do about it.
• How to overcome the loss of fine motor skills and cave man hands in a high-stress environment.
Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses Drills:

• Dry-fire drills to practice at home with an unloaded or training weapon, so you can ingrain them into your muscle memory.
• What to do once you’re hunkered down in your safe room to keep you and your family safe until the police arrive.
• What to do after you’ve been confronted with an intruder that you’ve had to shoot. And how you should respond to the police officers when they arrive on the scene, including what not to say.
Inside Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses:

• Learn How to follow the S.C.A.B.S. emergency treatment procedure to treat a gunshot wound.
• You’ll find how different emergency sections remain organized and work together so you understand when and who to approach.
• From this system you’ll learn why you have to be really cautious when calling 911 to report some other scenario or a shooting.
• The multiple responsibilities of the fireman in an emergency.
• In this program you’ll be able to learn the best way to deal with all the extreme emotions which come with being in life or death situations daily.
• Why where your home is directly impacts the kind of matters the paramedics locally can do to help you, it’s possible for you to find.
• From this Legally Concealed you can discover the best way to make use of a safety pin to maintain a patients airway clear.
• Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses In Less Than 90 Mins You’ll Have The Fundamental Knowledge On Emergency Medical Services And How To Respond In An Emergency Situation.
Good Points:

• This program will call for hand-to-hand and your concealed carry pistol combative techniques.
• This really is a sophisticated pistol course for expert shots.
• The insight provided into the physiological challenges that can accompany a home invasion are right on time.
• Here is the greatest, no B.S., house shield training for regular people.
• You get lifetime access to over 6 hours of on-line video teaching that replies every significant question about carrying hidden.
• Emergency Medical Response To A Gunshot Wound.
• 3 steps to saving a person’s life from a gunshot wound so you can buy them enough time to get to the hospital.
• It’s outstanding class which was presented.
• This is actually the top real world common sense training that can save your own life.
Bad Points:

• None that I can come up with Zero. Zilch.
• The system available only here.

Final Thought:

The only place that you can purchase Legally Concealed EJ Owens Courses is on the Internet, from the official website. When you place your order, you will get immediate delivery of the program and videos as soon as you order. This comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk at all, yet certainly a lot to gain in terms of effectively protect your family as well as your house through using restraining your attacker, This system contain full customer support which is completely risk free system.

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Women's Self-Defense Tips and Tactics

Women's Self-Defense Tips and Tactics

In the realm of women's self-defense training, there are generally two very different theories. One says that a woman can learn the same techniques, tactics, skills and strategies as a man - that self-defense is no different for men and women. The other "camp" says that the only thing that a woman needs to know is how to deliver a well-placed kick to the groin and she's home free.

And I say that they're both full of it! Self-defense for women is unique in that there are many strategies, tactics, skills and self-defense techniques that can be applied equally well by both men and women, there are certain things that women should avoid, and others that only they will need to worry about.

Also, as I have pointed out in many other articles and self-defense courses and programs, kicking a man in the groin, if not done correctly, could leave the female defender lying in a crumpled heap on the floor, wondering why her instructor's so-called "guaranteed, never-to-fail" women's self-defense trick failed so miserably.

To clarify and to set you on the right track for success, this article will focus on weapons, both armed and unarmed, that you should add to your women's self-defense arsenal.

Effective Body Weapons for Striking in Women's Self Defense:

Hands: There are many ways to shape the hand for striking. Some are better or worse, depending on the target area on your assailant's body. As a rule of thumb, strike hard parts of the body like the skull with the base area of your palm. It provides you with the same kind of damaging force as a clenched fist, while simultaneously resulting in less chance of breaking your hand or receiving cuts from striking the chisel-like ridges on head and face. Use your clenched fist and fore-knuckles for soft spots in the torso like the sternum. A fist would devastate the throat, but harder to get at compared to sneaking in a strong karate-like chop with the edge of your hand.

Elbows and Knees: Both are much harder than the hands and can inflict serious injury to the head area, torso area and any weak points in the skeleton from the groin up. And since self-defense for women is usually at closer distances than attacks on men, the elbows and knees are in better positions for delivering the kind of knock-down blows you'll need to get this bigger, heavier attacker off of you!

Feet: Great for striking the groin area and below. Using the foot in a stamping like fashion, crushing the toes or smaller bones in his foot with the bottom of your heel is the goal. Striking higher than the groin, like you see in arts like karate, tae kwon do, and in many movie scenes is a serious no-no. Kicking the upper body or head is only recommended if your attacker is already kneeling, bent over, or on the ground where he can't take advantage of your raised leg if you miss.

Hand-Held Self-Defense Weapons and Everyday Items for Women's Self Defense:

Kubotan: A Kubotan is a short piece of metal, often sold in the form of a self-defense keychain. Combining this very effective weapon, with a training class where you will learn simple yet effective techniques and striking methods is highly recommended, as long as it is legal in your State or Province. If not you could use a similar item that looks less threatening and legal to carry.

Keys: A good strong key from your key ring, or the entire set, held in the hand while walking to your car or doorway can be very effective. While many women's self-defense courses will teach you to place the base of the key in your palm and let the key portion rest between your index and middle finger, this is actually not as strong as simply holding the key the same way that you would to open a lock. Of course you can also hold a fob or other part of your key chain and use the keys in a flailing manner.

Ink Pen: A strong solid ink pen (preferably metal frame) is a great tool for stabbing soft tissue areas. The face would be a good area as well even though it is hard because of facial sensitivity. A pen is one of the best weapons and makes a great substitute for the Kubotan self-defense key chain.

Other Objects: Anything that is solid, with a little weight, and that fits in your hand, or something you can grasp tightly will do in an emergency. Good examples include: rocks, bricks, glass bottle, pool ball, book, knife, hairbrush, or how about your purse! I've heard many instructors have their female students go through their purses during a women's self-defense course, looking for all the weapons inside.

The reality is this... if you don't already have it in your hand when the attack starts - forget it! But, that being said, I have a wife and sisters. I've seen what many women put in their purses.

Hell! if I was carrying something like that...

I'd just use the purse!

Keep in mind that these are just a few ideas, and is by no means all the answers. There are many ways to protect yourself. The important thing to remember is to always be in the proper mindset and to have the survivor's attitude when it comes to effective women's self-defense designed to save your life and give you the greatest advantage!

Effective women's self defense requires more than just a few "karate moves." It involves the ability to think strategically, and understand how to defend yourself with as little wear-and-tear on you as possible - against an attacker who will be bigger, stronger, and determined to succeed!

How? Start by following the steps above and decide to be responsible for your own safety and survival. You might also want to read this book on, self-defense

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Guide to Designing the Perfect Chicken Coop

Guide to Designing the Perfect Chicken Coop

When it comes to giving your backyard chickens a home, it doesn’t matter the style of the housing ,examples include a conventional chicken coop, an open range or an off-the-ground kennel ,so long as you provide the basic requirements necessary for happy, healthy hens. In this guide, you’ll discover what to look for when building a chicken coop or buying a pre-made chicken house.

Characteristics to Consider

The best chicken coops or poultry houses have several characteristics in common.

1 - The chicken coop should protect your backyard flock from hungry predators such as weasels, hawks and your neighbor’s Golden Retriever.
2 - The coop should be constructed of economical building material that’s easily available to you (not applicable if you’re purchasing a pre-manufactured cage or coop).
3 - It should be strong and sturdy enough to stand up against unfavorable weather, such as summer winds or winter snowstorms .
4 - The coop should provide your chickens with the right balance between enclosed shelter and open ventilation.
5 - It should be easy to clean and budget-friendly to maintain.
6 - The chicken coop should be big enough for your backyard chickens.

Permanent or Portable?

Although there are hundreds of chicken coop styles on the market, most of these housing styles can be divided into two types: those that are portable and those that are permanent.

Portable coops typically don’t have a bottom and can be moved around a field or pasture to provide your chickens with fresh grass, bugs and seeds. It’s often known as the chicken tractor-style coop.

Meanwhile, a permanent coop — think a traditional, colonial-style chicken house with an attached wire run — is designed to stay wherever you first build it and is best if you have only a limited amount of space for your backyard chickens.

Space Requirements for Chickens

Your chickens want lots of space to run around and stretch their wings. The more space you give your chickens, the happier and healthier they’ll be. Generally, you should provide your backyard chickens with a minimum of 2 square feet per bird unless you’re raising bantam chickens, which only need 1.5 square feet per bird.

Tempting as it may be, don’t cram more chickens into your chicken coop than the coop can hold. Overcrowded birds are more susceptible to health problems like cannibalism and disease.

Building Chicken Coops: Proper Lighting

Happy hens love being able to see their friends around them. Proper lighting is important for your chickens’ sense of well-being. It’s also necessary to stimulate egg production in layer hens.

Strategically placed windows in the south wall of your backyard coop will provide both natural sunlight, ventilation during the warm months and additional warmth during the cool months. You’ll also want to consider electric lighting, such as a bulb suspended above your chickens’ feeding and watering area, for the shorter fall and winter months.

Building Chicken Coops: Ventilation

If you don’t setup sufficient ventilation in your backyard chicken coop, the air inside can become stale and stagnant. Besides creating nasty smells for both you and your pet chickens, this stagnating air can also create a buildup of unhealthy fumes. Prevent such problems by creating good ventilation, such as vents along the ceiling or small windows placed along the east or south side of your chicken house to create a fresh breeze.

Building Chicken Coops: Roosts

Think of a properly sized roost as the perfect mattress for your chickens. Your backyard hens will naturally want to sleep while perched off the ground on their roost. To give your chickens the best sleep possible, construct your chicken roosts approximately 36 inches or less off of the coop floor and space each roost approximately 14 inches or more apart.

Building Chicken Coops: Nests

If you’re raising backyard chickens for their eggs, your layer hens will appreciate having a private place to go to lay their eggs. No one likes to do such business in public! Plan to have one nest for every three to four layer hens. Each nest should be properly sized, otherwise the hen will become stressed and may not use the nest. For optimal egg-laying, the nest should be 1.5 times bigger than your hens (this is breed-specific). A slanted roof over the nest is also ideal, as it will keep your chickens from standing or roosting on top of the nests where any falling manure can dirty your chicken eggs.

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